Bridgedale Storm sock
Socks that have been designed to withstand all the elements

When we prepare our mountain gear, we tend not to give too much importance to socks. Error!. It is useless to wear expensive boots if we do not take care of our cakes.

Bridgedale are the masters of socks, it is the brand I have trusted over the years. His socks are extremely comfortable and the seams are minimal.

When the waterproof socks were announced in Bridgedale, it sparked a lot of interest around the world. Waterproof socks have been around for quite some time but they have always had a problem.
The first problem is that, in general, they are warm, very warm, but they do not perspire much so the foot can get wet inside. It was necessary to make socks that were waterproof and capable of perspiring, heating and protecting from the wind. Ah! and also that they were comfortable. What a challenge!

How was Bridgedale solving this problem?

«The inner lining of your Storm Sock is made with up to 60% merino»

They have a three-layer construction. First of all, the inner lining of the Storm Socks is made with up to 60% Merino, chosen for its soft comfort and its antibacterial and anti-odor properties, and the rest is made of synthetic anti-absorption fibers that draw moisture from the skin. Next, an elastic waterproof membrane is laminated «HydroTech» to the inner layer and also to the outer nylon layer that protects the membrane. A dose of Lycra keeps the sock snug on all sides.

«Yes, they really work and are still very comfortable»

I use the Stormsock Heavyweight Knee model. I have used them mainly in very cold conditions, at -20º on ice, when feet are more likely to freeze even wearing very good footwear. After wearing them all day, my feet have felt dry and comfortable. They are quite thick and also wind resistant and much warmer than standard knit socks.

They are without a doubt the best I have used.